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Monitored ExerciseWell Programmes

At ExerciseWell we strive to help people take control of their health so they can live healthier, happier and more meaningful lives. The way we do this is through personalised, medically based exercise programmes. We are NOT a gym, but a specialised health and exercise rehabilitation clinic for people with long term health conditions and acute/chronic pain and injury. We are a team of highly qualified Clinical Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists who have advanced knowledge of the body and how to tailor exercise to your condition/s.

The ExerciseWell Monitored health programme is a supervised, medically based exercise programme run by registered Clinical Exercise Physiologists for the prevention or rehabilitation of long-term health issues. Each client is given a tailored programme for your specific health needs and goals. The programmes apply the most up-to-date scientific evidence to improve your physical function by increasing fitness levels, overall body strength, mobility and balance, and teach you how you can exercise safely and effectively for your health. There is also a focus on improving other lifestyle factors, such as stress management, nutrition and sleep quality.


What's included:

  1. Initial consultation and assessment.

  2. Individualised exercise programme prescription.

  3. Monitored exercise trainings – 2-3 x per week for 12 weeks. Includes monitoring of heart rate, blood pressure, fatigue levels and more.

  4. Personalised healthy lifestyle coaching throughout your programme.

  5. Programme updates and progressions as you improve.

  6. Follow-up assessment – to measure the improvements you have made.

Initial Assessment – 90 minutes

It is essential to have an initial assessment prior to joining as a member, as this will give us the information needed to write your personalised exercise and wellness plan. This appointment will include an assessment of your current health, fitness, strength, balance, heart and lung function, and other assessments related to your specific goals.

Personalised Programme Introduction – 60 minutes

This is a private appointment to go through your assessment results and to show you through your personalised exercise programme and wellness plan.  

Assessment and Programme Fee

There is an upfront cost for the initial consultation, assessment, development of your personalized exercise and wellness plan, and the appointment to show you. The special package price is $120 (valued at $240).  There is no additional joining fee or access card fees like other gyms!

Monitored Health Membership

The Monitored Health Membership includes:

  • Personalised exercise programme – updated throughout the 12 weeks

  • Unlimited use of the clinic and it’s equipment

  • Unlimited monitored exercise physiology training sessions

  • Follow-up assessments every 3-6 months to track your progress

Monitored Clinical Exercise Physiologist Sessions

During these sessions you complete your personalised exercise programme, and you are supervised and monitored by a clinical exercise physiologist. This can include measurements of health parameters before, during and after your exercise session, such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, fatigue etc. to make sure the exercise is both safe and effective for you. Our CEPs will also monitor and correct your exercise techniques and progress your exercise programme overtime as you improve. During the monitored sessions, you will discuss lifestyle goals and changes you are working on as part of your overall plan; such as nutrition, sleep quality or stress management. These sessions are run in small groups of up to 4 people.

Follow-up Assessments – Free for members

A repeat of your initial assessment to track your progress and develop an updated plan as you improve. We will write you up a summary report of your results. We recommend 3-6 months between assessments.



Our monitored health membership is a comprehensive programme, which is designed to be 3-6 months in duration. Once completed, we have two maintenance membership options to keep you on track. See below for more info.

Monitored Health Programme

  • Unlimited Monitored sessions per week

  • group classes

  • Independent gym use

  • personalised health coaching

  • $70/week

  • Highly recommended for new clients


Progress Membership  


  • 1x Monitored session per week

  • group classes

  • Independent gym use

  • $45/week

  • Good for those who have completed a monitored programme but want regular check ins with their CEP

Maintenance Membership

  • Group classes

  • Independent gym use

  • $30/week

  • Clients must complete a monitored programme before joining the maintenance programme






Terms and conditions
Clinic availability times are subject to change with a week notice given. Fortnightly direct payment options available.  Minimum term is 3 months. Members must have an initial assessment prior to joining. Unsupervised training options are only available to clients who can exercise safely on their own.