Telehealth Appointments

Telehealth just means health services - delivered online! We use an application called PhysiApp to be able to video chat with you, just like in a normal consultation, prescribe your exercises, perform objective tests & develop a comprehensive plan to keep you progressing. 


Quick run down of our online services:

Step 1: Initial Telehealth appointment - 45min (after this we create your personalised exercise programme)

Step 2: 6-week personalised exercise programme will be loaded onto our training App. In-app messaging and adherance tracking to keep you motivated!


Special Price - $90 (value $180) - limited time only. Click 'sign up now' to purchase and book your initial consult.




Optional - Follow-up appointments - 30min or 45min available, to progress your exercise programme, and keep you on track!

​We believe specialised exercise physiology and physiotherapy care should be accessible to all during these uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why we’re proud to offer Telehealth to both our existing clients, to new clients in isolation, essential workers and to the wider communities of New Zealand!

Our Telehealth consultations will deliver the same excellent level of care as our in-clinic services, where our team of physiotherapists and exercise physiologists can develop a tailored treatment plan to keep you moving & support your rehabilitation. 

What to expect from your initial Telehealth appointment?

At your first appointment your exercise physiologist or physiotherapist will review your medical history and ask you some questions about your pain/health conditions, the nature of your symptoms and have you perform some movements on screen for us to see how your body moves.

Personalised Exercise Programme

At the end of your initial telehealth appointment we will come up with an individualised treatment plan that will include a home exercise programme (supported by the online training app PhysiApp), lifestyle recommendations, in-app messaging and adherence tracking, and review appointments to support you to keep progressing at home!

ACC covered injuries

ACC are still funding telehealth appointments as they normally would for face-to-face appointments. We can sort all the ACC paperwork during your appointment - no referral needed! If you are a new client with an injury please contact us before booking online.


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