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Memberships Options

Monitored Membership

  • Personalised exercise programme & free appointment to show you through it

  • Access to the clinic during open hours

  • 2-3 monitored exercise physiologist sessions each week

  • Health and symptom monitoring before, during & after exercise

  • Healthy lifestyle coaching

  • FREE 12-weekly comprehensive assessments

Only $70/week

Progress Membership

  • Personalised exercise programme

  • Discounted assessments 

  • Access to the clinic during open hours 

  • 1 x weekly 'progression session' with an exercise physiologist to check health parameters,  provide motivation and review/progress your plan

Only $45/week

Go-it-alone Membership

  • Personalised exercise and wellness plan to get you started

  • Exercise independently in a safe, supportive & uncrowded clinic environment

  • Discounted assessments & exercise physiologist appointments

  • Private exercise physiologist consultation every 6 weeks to review your exercise and wellness programme

Only $30/week

Before joining as a member, it is essential that you have an initial health assessment. This is to ensure the exercise programme is safe for you but also gives us the information we need to write your personalised exercise and wellness plan. Because of this, we do not charge you a 'joining fee' like most gyms and fitness centres do.

Basic ExerciseWell Assessment - 45 min

  • Health and lifestyle consultation

  • Assessments will depend on your goals/health conditions e.g. balance testing, body composition, posture/movement analysis, injury assessment, strength testing, neurological assessments, quality of life questionnaires etc.

  • Results will be used to write your exercise programme​

Member price - $90

Non-member price - $120

Comprehensive ExerciseWell Assessment - 1.5 hours

  • All of the above PLUS:

  • Cardiovascular fitness testing

  • Heart health assessment including ECG (electrocardiogram)

  • Lung function testing (if required)

  • Results will be used to write your personalised exercise programme

Member price - $120

Non-member price - $160

Follow up appointment to review your results and go through your exercise plan:

Free for monitored members

Other member price - $60

Non-member price - $80

Private Exercise Training Packages


Initial Exercise & Wellness Assessment

1 x weekly 45 min private exercise physiologist session

Exercise & Wellness Re-Assessment

Value - $980

Package price - $735

SAVE $245


Initial Exercise & Wellness Assessment

2 x weekly 45 min private exercise physiologist session

Healthy lifestyle coaching

Exercise & Wellness Re-Assessment

Value - $1680

Package price - $1260

SAVE $420

(payment plans available - please enquire)