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"Exercise is Medicine"

Helping you feel better, manage or recover from chronic illness, reduce pain, move easier and improve your health with specialist & individualised exercise and wellness programmes.


Personalised exercise and wellness programmes to help treat or prevent long-term health conditions or chronic pain and injury. Your programme will  be tailored to you and your specific health needs and goals, and designed to help you take charge of your overall health and wellbeing. 

Physiotherapists assess, diagnose and treat sudden and chronic injury/pain. We offer both ACC subsidised and private appointments. Our physio specialises in sports injuries, pain and injury rehabilitation, pre/post surgery, chronic pain & injury, and postural/movement disorders.

For guaranteed results and faster achievement of your goals, sign up for one of our clinic memberships or programmes. We have options for both supervised personal training in a small group or privately, wellness coaching, and options for you to complete your personalised exercise plan without supervision. 

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“I started off a high risk Diabetic, now it’s well controlled, all my readings are good and the Dr said my blood pressure is perfect now. My whole well-being and health improved. I had more energy, I lost weight, my clothes were loose and everyone was commenting on how good I looked, and it wasn’t even hard to do.”

Bob - 62 years

Kylie has that unique ability to combine professionalism, caring and appropriate humour that both challenges and stimulates you.  Kylie also communicates well with older people and at no stage did I feel like a sick old man.  She was able to explain to me, in layman’s terms, exactly how the programme would help me, that is by strengthening the muscles and improving their capability to use what oxygen I had left more effectively.   Nobody had told me this before and I found it made sense, not only that, it worked.


Some months after starting the programme I contracted serious pneumonia and was admitted to hospital.  It is my true belief that if I had not had the fitness that the programme Kylie set for me provided, I would not be here today. I would have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending Kylie as an Exercise Physiologist. ” 

 - Pat

“I am 70 years of age and have had two hip replacements and I have twice broken my pelvis.  I was in pain and thought I would never walk properly again.  I tried various things and they all helped to a degree but I knew I needed more.  That’s when I met Kylie from Exercise Well.  Through her gentle guidance and patient direction, my muscles gradually became stronger, enabling me to walk without limping and to feel fitter and stronger.  I am very grateful to Kylie for all her help and expertise.” 

- Clare