Monitored Membership

The Monitored Exercise Programme is a structured and supervised, medically based exercise programme run by registered Clinical Exercise Physiologists for the prevention or rehabilitation of long term health issues. The programme aims to enhance overall fitness and wellbeing, to reduce the risk of future health complications. Each programme is tailored to you and your specific health needs and goals. Your programme is designed to improve physical function by improving fitness, overall body strength, mobility and balance, and teaches you how you can exercise safely and effectively for your health. There is also a focus on improving other lifestyle factors, such as, stress management, nutrition and sleep quality.

Monitored Clinical Exercise Physiologist Sessions

During these sessions you complete your personalised exercise programme, and you are supervised and monitored by a clinical exercise physiologist. This can include measurements of health parameters before, during and after your exercise session, such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, fatigue etc. to make sure the exercise is both safe and effective for you. Our CEPs will also monitor and correct your exercise techniques and progress your exercise programme overtime as you improve. During the monitored sessions, you will discuss lifestyle goals and changes you are working on as part of your overall plan; such as nutrition, sleep quality or stress management. These sessions are run in small groups of up to 4 people.

We have six different programme structures depending on your health requirements (i.e. for cancer, heart conditions, health improvement, chronic fatigue and more) which will then be personalised to you and your unique needs. For more info on our monitored exercise programmes please CLICK HERE.

Progress Membership

Our Progress Membership is a great follow-on from our Monitored Membership, or a good starting point if you are confident exercising on your own but want some guidance with regular check-ins with an exercise physiologist.

Your exercise physiologist will design a personalised exercise programme for you, based off your assessment results. This programme will be focused towards your goals and your specific health requirements, such as the rehabilitation or management of health conditions or injuries.

During your fortnightly catch-up appointments you will work one:to:one with your exercise physiologist, who will check your exercise techniques, progress exercises as you get stronger and fitter. We will also help to keep you on track and monitor any health values or symptoms like blood pressure or fatigue to make sure everything is progressing in the right way.

On-Track Memberships

·       Access to the exercise clinic

·       Personalised exercise programme to follow

·       1-3 monthly programme catch ups with your exercise physiologist

·       Access to group classes

Our On-Track Membership is for people who wish to exercise independently, but still have little guidance with their ongoing exercise regime. This is a great follow-on from our Monitored or Progress memberships. 

This membership includes a personalised exercise programme designed from your assessment results and goals. You will have access to the exercise clinic to complete your exercise programme during our open hours. You are not completely on your own though!


As part of the membership, you can choose to access our group fitness classes and you will have a programme catch-up every 1-3 months.

Please note we do not advise joining this membership if you have a long-term medical condition unless it is stable and well-managed.