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Monitored Membership

(no fixed term)

  • Supervision and Monitoring during your exercise sessions

  • 2-3 monitored sessions per week

  • Personalised exercise programme altered for you each session

  • Programme, health measures and symptoms are closely monitored

The Monitored Exercise Programme is a structured and supervised, medically based exercise programme run by registered Clinical Exercise Physiologists for the prevention or rehabilitation of long term health issues. The programme aims to enhance overall fitness and wellbeing, to reduce the risk of future health complications. Your individualised programme is designed to improve physical function by improving fitness, overall body strength, mobility and balance, and teaches you how you can exercise safely and effectively for your health. There is also a focus on improving other lifestyle factors, such as, stress management, nutrition and sleep quality.

Private training memberships
From $36/week

  • Weekly, fornightly, monthly or Bi-montly one on one sessions 

  • Studio membership for self-guided exercise

  • Personalised exercise programme to follow

Our private training memberships allow unlimited access to our studio and group classes as well as a one on one private training session at your choice of interval. This will allow us to keep you accountable and focus your programme specifically on your personal goals.

During your private appointments you will work one:to:one with your exercise physiologist, who will check your exercise techniques and progress exercises as you get stronger and fitter. We will also help to keep you on track and monitor any health values or symptoms like blood pressure or fatigue to make sure everything is progressing in the right way.

Group Classes
$150 for 10 trips

Strong and Steady (beginner level)- 11am Monday, Wednesday and Friday​

- All standing or sitting exercises

- Focused on falls prevention

- Incorporates exercises great for those with Parkinsons

- Includes gentle range of motion and stretching exercises

- Fun, friendly and social!

Strong and Fit - 11am Tuesday and Thursday

- Standing and lying exercises

-Suitable for those wanting healthy aging, joint, muscle and bone health

- Incorporates a variety of strength, cardio, stretching, pilates and more

- A different workout each class

- Fun, friendly and social!

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