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Healthy Hearts

A comprehensive and inspiring rehabilitation and wellness programme for people living with or recovering from heart related conditions.

Exercise is Medicine for the Heart!


The Healthy Heart programme was created to provide a comprehensive and inspiring exercise rehabilitation and wellness programme for people living with or recovering from heart related conditions.

The American Heart association recommends exercise for patients with heart failure, post-heart attack and heart surgery in a safe environment for improving exercise capacity, psychological wellbeing, and most importantly improving quality of life.

Clinical Exercise Physiologists prescribe exercise like your doctor might prescribe you with medication. Exercise is an essential part of your recovery and aids in future prevention of cardiovascular events. Just like medication, exercise needs to be prescribed properly, and there is certainly no one size fits all program, particularly if you have any cardiovascular complications.

To ensure your safety, ExerciseWell offers a 12-week supervised cardiac rehabilitation program, tailored to your individual goals and circumstances. Before you start, you will have a consultation and full body assessment completed by one of our Cllinical Exercise Physiologists.

Our Clinical Exercise physiologists qualified and experienced in working with a wide range of individuals including those with long term illnesses or injuries.

What's included in the Healthy Hearts programme?


Full Initial & Follow-up Assessments

During your initial appointment we will gather all the information needed to design a safe and custom exercise program specifically for you. Your medical history will be collected, and 12-lead ECG will be done at rest and during exercise to determine a safe exercise level. After 12-weeks of exercise we will repeat your assessment to measure your improvements.

Monitored Exercise Sessions – with a Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Your exercise programme and sessions are individually tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. During each exercise session at the ExerciseWell clinic, vital signs and symptoms, such as blood pressures, heart rate, angina and 30-second ECG measurements will be monitored. This is to make sure your heart is responding safely to the increased stress/exercise, keeping you as safe as possible, and to ensure the effectiveness of the programme to achieve your goals. Your supervised sessions will be done alongside 2 to 3 other members of the clinic, where we all have fun, laugh with each other and make great progress!


Education & Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Alongside our monitored exercise sessions, we also incorporate education about how to live well with your heart condition and coach you through healthy lifestyle changes. These may include nutritional coaching, breathing retraining, stress management/relaxation training, smoking cessation support, and a private Facebook support group.

Use our online booking tool to book a consultation with one of our Clinical Exercise Physiologists and get started today!

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