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In My Prime

A complete exercise and wellness programme designed for Older Adults to enhance quality of life.

Stay In Your Prime for Longer!


ExerciseWell’s ‘In My Prime’ programme is designed for adults aged 65 and older and uses exercise and healthy lifestyle coaching to keep you feeling in your prime for as long as possible!

This programme can be tailored towards:


Bone and Joint health - including arthritis, osteoporosis, pre or post joint replacement rehab or chronic joint injuries.

Prevention of health complications – preventing falls, decreasing risk of cardiac, metabolic, respiratory and muscle/joint issues.


Neurological conditions – to minimise the physical effects of conditions like dementia and Parkinson’s

Fitness and function – to improve your cardiovascular fitness and general body strength so you can ‘keep up’ with the demands of everyday life

Our Clinical Exercise physiologists qualified and experienced in working with a wide range of individuals including those with long term illnesses or injuries.

What's included in the In My Prime programme?


  • Full initial assessment including range of motion testing, gait analysis, 12 lead ECG, blood pressures and exercise stress testing to make sure there are no underlying health concerns.

  • 2 supervised exercise sessions per week including checking exercise technique, taking blood pressures, reviewing goals, healthy lifestyle coaching and an individual exercise programme progressed and adapted as you improve.

  • Access to larger group exercise classes.

  • Advice on what exercise you should be doing outside of your sessions.

  • Healthy lifestyle coaching, including education on nutrition, sleep, stress and pain management.

  • Friendly, fun sessions. Your supervised sessions will be done alongside 2 to 3 other members of the clinic, where we all have fun, laugh with each other and make great progress!

  • Follow-up assessment at 12-week to see the progress and results you have gained. This is finalised in a personal report for you with a copy sent to your doctor.

Use our online booking tool to book a consultation with one of our Clinical Exercise Physiologists and get started today!

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