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Fit and Well

A complete exercise and wellness programme to enhance your health and well-being.

Do you want to feel Fit and Well? You aren’t alone!


At ExerciseWell we can support you in getting fit and feeling well through a personalised exercise and healthy lifestyle coaching programme. 'Fit and Well' is suitable for anyone who wants to accomplish health, fitness and lifestyle goals. These could include getting back into fitness, getting back to doing the things you enjoy, losing weight and feeling great, decreasing the risks of any preventable diseases, competing a recreational or sporting event, or to return to higher level activity or sport. The programme will not only help you get active, but also aids in getting you back to doing the things you enjoy without hesitation or limits.

We start with an initial assessment and then develop your personalised fitness and wellness plan. We supervise you while you do your exercises and coach you throughout your programme to make sure you know the exercise techniques, provide motivation and accountability, give ongoing education and support on exercise, nutrition, sleep, pain management and stress management.

Your Fit and Well programme will be fully customised to your personal goals and implemented by one of our Clinical Exercise Physiologists. We also have a physiotherapist on hand if we think it would be beneficial in adding some physiotherapy treatment alongside you exercise physiology sessions.

Our Clinical Exercise physiologists work with a wide range of clients including those with long term illnesses or injuries and those who are wanting to get in physical shape to compete/complete a competitive or social sporting event.

What's included in the Fit and Well programme?


  • Full initial assessment including functional testing, fitness testing, blood pressure and ECG monitoring, body fat percentage, and an assessment of your lifestyle.

  • Personalised exercise programme, including strength training, stretching and cardiovascular exercise, and a healthy lifestyle programme to follow.

  • 2 supervised exercise sessions per week including checking exercise technique, reviewing goals, healthy lifestyle coaching and an individual exercise programme progressed and adapted as you improve.

  • Use of the clinic outside of your supervised sessions.

  • Advice on what exercise you should be doing outside of your sessions.

  • Healthy lifestyle coaching, including education on nutrition, sleep, stress and pain management.

  • Friendly, fun sessions. Your supervised sessions will be done alongside 2 to 3 other members of the clinic, where we all have fun, laugh with each other and make great progress!

  • Follow-up assessment after 12-weeks to measure all the fantastic changes and improvements you have made!

Use our online booking tool to book a consultation with one of our Clinical Exercise Physiologists and get started today!

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