Kapiti Pricing

Consultations & Assessments:

Initial Consultation + Health & Fitness Assessment

$160-$220 (two x45min or one x90 minute appointment + report)

Personalised Programme + Appointment to show you through it


Follow-up Assessments

$90-120 (free for monitored and private training members)


Most popular and best value! For those signed up to our monitored exercise programmes.

Only $70/week (valued at $120/week)

  • Personalised exercise and wellness programme

  • Monitored exercise sessions - 2-3 times per week (with an exercise physiologist)

  • Healthy lifestyle coaching

  • Free follow-up assessments

  • Minimum 3-month commitment.


For those confident exercising independently but still want regular health monitoring and guidance.

Only $50/week (valued at $80/week)

  • Personalised exercise programme to follow

  • Group circuit classes

  • Use of the exercise clinic

  • Private appointment with an exercise physiologist every 2-weeks to review and update your exercise programme.

  • Minimum 3-month commitment.


Want us all to yourself? Join a private exercise training membership!

Access to the studio to exercise on your own between appointments, circuit classes and private (1-to-1) training sessions at your choice of frequency. Custom pricing.


Membership payments are deducted from your bank account via direct debit fortnightly or monthly.