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​ASSESSMENT- $150 (no ECG) or $170 (with ECG)

Assessment includes a health advisory talk while going through medical history and goals and any assessment tests we think are necessary for you.

This may include;

  • Blood pressure at rest AND during exercise

  • An exercise stress test

  • Any musculoskeletal tests (range of motion, posture etc)

  • Blood glucose testing

  • Spirometry

  • ECG at rest and during exercise

  • Oxygen monitoring


  • Monitored exercise sessions - 2-3 times per week (with an exercise physiologist)

  • Personalised exercise and wellness programme

PRIVATE TRAINING MEMBERSHIPS (All include unlimited access to our studio and classes)

Weekly private training session - $80/week

Fortnightly private training session - $60/week

Monthly private training session - $45/week

Bi-monthly private training session- $36/week

  • 45-min private appointment with an exercise physiologist at your chosen interval

  • Personalised exercise programme

  • Unlimites Studio access and group class access

  • All sessions must be booked making you accountable and more likely to hit your goals!


30 minutes - $70

45 minutes - $90

60 minutes - $110

Membership payments are deducted from your bank account via direct debit.

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